Kudos and Criticism of Media Coverage

For an interesting look at the year in education news, check out Jerry Bracey's 15th Bracey Report On the Condition Of Public Education (PDF).

Of particular note, the annual report gives shout-outs to a variety of worthy news features and investigative pieces including those writting by Sarah Carr and Alan Borsuk of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (about vouchers) and Doug Oplinger and Dennis Willard of the Akron Beacon Journal (about homeschooling), as well as Alec MacGillis of the Baltimore Sun (about vendors and big-city school systems).

Two other pieces this week that may be J-School 101 to everyone else but seem pretty worthwhile to little old me:

How technology is changing the way we report and write news CyberJournalist.com

When Reporting Both Sides Is Not the Truth NPR (audio)


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