Low-Performing Lawmakers and Hard To Staff Laws (NCLB News)

Mixed progress on NCLB II (high school reform)
On the NCLB expansion (high school) front, things aren't looking so good in the House despite recent steps taken by some states to get into the high school reform game:
House turns down NCLB expansion EW
Cuts for NCLB? NSBA
New Report Examines Local Impact of High School Exit Exams EW
A conversation with... Jack Jennings
Poll finds support for HS changes EW

Threats and TLC in the States

Out in the states, CT says it's still suing despite having lost momentum (and new flexibility helping out a few states like VA and MD)
Conn. Attorney General Says NCLB Lawsuit Still A Go
Ct’s Sternberg on Fixing NCLB EW
Complaint Filed Against Reading Initiative EW
Laws test states rights Deseret News
Va., Md. Get Slack On 'No Child' Rules WashPost

State Innovation Award Winners ECS

Changed deadlines, changed standards:
Harvard study says more schools fail AJC
REBUTTAL: Don't kill the messenger Achievement Alliance PDF

Panel urges new measures WashPost
Deadline extended for teacher aides
Paraprofessionals To Get Extra Semester to Show Qualifications
Limited-English schoolkids get a break on testing
State testing of ELLs scrutinized EW

Low-performing schools and districts:
Staffing low-performing schools LFA via PEN
Turnaround schools Educational Leadership
Proposal would reduce schools' self-rule Seattle Times
Pulling together for neediest students NSBA
State Board Makes Rules for Failing Schools Ledger
East P.A. students' work pays off with college nods SJMerc

Changing The School Culture At One Cal Jr High Wonks

One School Lifted Scores Despite Changing Faces WashPost

Why Reading Teachers Can't Teach Children to Read WrightsLaw

Dysfunctional Urban School Districts


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