Preschool Saves The World

You know I'm a big fan of pre-K stuff, so you can imagine how the following headline took my breath away with its audacity and timeliness:

Can preschool save Social Security? WestEd.

What next? Preschool saves the Bolton nomination. Preschool saves the European Union. Preschool saves soldier from roadside IED. Preschool saves Mayor Daley from mounting corruption scandals. The list goes on and on.

Back in the real world, in which preschool is merely under-covered and potentially powerful, but not in an all-powerful kind of way:

Using community-based child care to provide pre-K CLASP via PEN

Report: Head Start has some benefits CNN.com

Pre-K qualification stats don't add up to success
FL pre-K off to bumpy start Miami Herald
Sara Mead: Slayer Of Straw-Men!
Preschools' advantages touted Stateline.org


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