Grow Your Own in LA, Rubber Rooms in NYC, and Teaching Chinese in Boston (Teaching and Leading)

Lots on teacher training & evaluation this week, including grow your own in LA and value-added in NYC and all sorts of other ideas good and bad in between:

Paving the Way for Teaching LAT via Edutopia
Test Scores to Be Used to Analyze Schools' Roles NYT
Public Supports Higher Wages, Better Training for Teachers EW
Teacher Evaluation Gets Test Run in Del. DelawareOnline.com
Bill Proposed to Boost Highly Qualified Teachers
Teaching Quality in Higher Ed TLN

Teachers may need to pass video test Stateline.org

The politics of teacher licensure JTE via NCTQ

Teacher Education Homing In on Content EW

Merit plan gets warm reception in Senate Finance Nevada Appeal
may try performance bonuses Houston Chronicle
House, Senate trade blame Dallas News via NCTQ

Policymakers, Researchers Champion TQ
EDPolicy Update
Highly Qualified Teachers: Supply And Demand The Wonks

Teachers and money -- always a controversial issue:

New York's $20 Million Rubber Room
Paid to do nothing
Newsday via NCTQ
6-Figure Salaries? To Many Teachers, a Matter of Course NYT

Teachers Pack the Garden to Demand a City Contract NYT

New Leaders, New Schools Venture Fund:

‘New Leaders’ Gets Support EW
New Leader At New Schools (Venture Fund) Eduwonk

Last but not least, some curriculum/classroom clips:

Elementary schools offer Chinese courses
Boston Globe
"Science Guy" returns with new show
Associated Press
Learning Shifts From Basics to Analysis WashPost

Diversity tints new kind of generation gap USAT
Va. Student Prompts Calculator Recall WashPost

Activists mobilize to counter classroom bias
Financial Aid Rules for College Change
Online students not taking state tests
Cincinnati Enquirer
In case of emergency, play video game CSM
Thinking about Grading TLN

You deserve to get all As Arts&Letters Daily

A Year of Passage Washington Post


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