Reading Declines & Drug Ring Allegations (Chicago IL)

Only in Chicago could the mayor use a 13 pct decline in reading scores to distract from a drug ring scandal in city government:

Daley turns to schools to deflect drug bust Tribune
Daley eager to focus on 'record' reading scores over scandals CST
Scoring change: fair tweaking or fuzzy math? CST
City reading scores edge up to record high SunTimes
Schools' focus on reading pays off Trib
Math, reading up sharply at school that once was closed CST

Free at last?

CPS cuts the red tape for high fliers Chicago Journal
85 schools' reward: Freedom from bureaucracy Tribune

Speaking of freedom:

Meddling With Charter Schools T&L
Meanwhile, The Gadfly observes that Chicago's charter school movement is paltry in comparison to other cities' numbers and that charter school advocates nationally are divided about a school system itself leading the charter movement. "Some people view "district charters" as an oxymoron," states the Gadfly.

Best of the Rest:

Topinka backs cuts in budget, overhaul of school funding Trib
Students explore origins of hate throughout history Trib
College interests Trib
Class rank Tribune
A peek at principal selection Chicago Journal
Intelligent design has no place in science classes CST
School lunch prices rise Tribune
Schools downgrade junk food, sodas Tribune
Politics Chicago Style EIA

More Union Troubles T&L
Ugly Budget Times T&L


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