College Dropouts, Vendor Faux Pas, Toddlers Who Bite, & Exploding Teachers (Best of the Week)

The College Dropout Boom
The NYT's daunting series on class differences has been largely ignored in the edusphere, but here's a good point of entry: one in three young adults are college dropouts.

Advice For Vendors Teach and Learn
Chicago Public Schools science director Mike Lach offers pointed -- and hilarious -- advice for vendors selling things in this or any other big city school system. Pass it on.

Arzt's History Slate
Am I the only one who noticed that the goofy and highly unlikeable guy on "Lost" who (spoiler alert) blows himself up in the season finale is a high school teacher? Talk about image problems.

When toddlers get fired Salon
Apparently, when toddlers bite someone it isn't always the standardistas' fault. It's the parents'.

Best of the Rest:

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leaving the Left behind SF Gate
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