EduSpeak of the Week

I've been at a couple of conferences the past couple of weeks and realized that there are some new terms out there. (Or at least they're new to me.):

“I’d like to push back a little about what you said…”
(Translation: I disagree somewhat or entirely but I'm going to to put it in a nonconfrontational new-age way.)

“What really resonated with me about what you said…”
(Translation: I agree a little or a lot, and I may be about to tell you about a personal experience that I or someone I know has had that sort of relates.)

“Let’s drill down a little…”
(Translation: I’m going to use a fancy term to say what comes next or what’s the next level of complexity, and perhaps then you’ll think I’m smart.)

"Hard to staff school"
(Translation: A newish term for low performing schools that is helpful in the sense that it focuses on one of the key attributes (quality teachers) that are needed, but leaves out the factors that make the schools hard to staff.)

Check yourself if you’ve said one or more of the following during the past week. (Check yourself hard if you’ve used one or more several times.)


Blogger Jenny D. said...

At my Ed school we do a lot of "unpacking" of ideas, arguments, practices, etc. We also do a lot of "building on what you just said."

I have my own little eduspeak: when I disagree with someone but don't want to say so, I start the comment with "One could argue that..." and then proceed with what I think. I hide behind the "one."

BTW, I put you in the Carnival at the end.

12:55 PM  

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