Ed School Heat Wave (Teacher Preparation)

What a week it's been for teacher prep.

For starters, the big AERA report comes out: Little Evidence to Back Teacher Ed. PracticesEW, Challenge to Teacher Ed Inside Higher ED
, The Report of the AERA Panel on Research and Teacher Education AERA, What They Don’t Know Inside Higher Ed).

Then it seems like all sorts of other folks like reading czar Reid Lyon and star chamber Haberman arewanting in on the teacher prep game (
Lyon takes a bite out of Education Mediocrity, Lyon into the lion’s den Gadfly, Proposal to school districts and corporate America
The Haberman Corporate Network for School Leaders).

Then in Washington the HEA hearings start up again -- not always a comfy time for teacher prep programs: Playing Offense, Not Defense Inside Higher Ed

Best of the rest:
New teachers take alt. routes WT via Gadfly

Personal politics of teacher cert AEI PDF via PPI
Va. alters test for teacher licensing WashPost


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