Teachers, Testing, and Free Lunch (New and Notable)

A ton of interesting-looking pieces this week, including a few things about teachers, teaching, and teacher-based accountability: Why Do High-Poverty Schools Have Difficulty Staffing (Center For American Progress), All Teachers Are Not the Same (Education Next), and Researchers Debate Merits of ‘Value Added’ Measures (EW ).

There are a couple of good articles about testing: Too Young to Test (The American Prospect), and Study calls national math test a no-brainer (The Detroit News).

The best of the rest:
Opinion: Small High Schools (NYT)
'America's Choice' Taps Profit Motive (Education Week)
Richard Rothstein and No Excuses (Teach and Learn)
Court Overturns Montana Funding System (Education Week)
More Poor Kids Eating Breakfast at School (CNN.com)
Entering the Mainstream: The Quality and Extent of Online Education in the United States, 2003 and 2004 (The Sloan Consortium)
Private Colleges Peddle Their Public Mission (Chronicle of Higher Education)


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