More Tests, More Choice, or More Dollars? (Election 2004)

While Democrats and NCLB opponents worry mightily about what damage a Bush second administration could do to public education -- Bush’s School Agenda Will Get a 2nd Term (EW), Congress’ Shift to Right May Be Felt in Schools (EW), and Legislative Shifts Alter Prospects for Funding and School Vouchers (EW) -- the Fordham Foundation's Checker Finn worries that Bush may already be on the wrong track, focusing on more high school testing rather than creating "universal school choice" (choice between districts, and between public and private schools): The G.O.P. education opportunity (The Gadfly).

Meanwhile, Paige plans still in the air (Houston Chronicle), and Turnover in Governors To Influence Schools (EW). Almost nobody is talking about a big increase in funding.


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