Abstinence, Prayer, Creationism (Red State Special)

It's gotta be a coincidence, but this week's education news seemed to be full of red state "values" issues that we may be seeing a lot more of.

In WA and TX, it's all about sex ed: Washington state drafts sex-education guidelines (Seattle Post-Intelligencer), In Texas, a Stand To Teach 'Abstinence Only' in Sex Ed (CSM), Marriage Will Be Spelled Out in Texas Textbooks (USAT).

In GA and WI, it's all about evolution: Textbook argument nears end, Evolution trial turns to religion (Atlanta Journal-Constitution), Stickers Put in Evolution Text Are the Subject of a Federal Trial (NYT), Georgia Evolution Lawsuit Is a Fact (Los Angeles Times), and Wisconsin town's school board allows teaching of creationism (Chicago Sun Times).

Meanwhile: Phila. Schools Reach Out to Faith Groups Education Week
And a timely reminder that faith is not just a red state issue:
Public schools have allies in the faith community (Public Education Fund)


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