Spellings and Miller on NCLB (Washington Politics)

This week’s relatively spare political news includes slightly more in-depth assessments of Margaret Spellings, the nominee for Secretary Education, but no major revelations: For Education, an insider wins out (US News and World Report), Spellings Would Bring Acumen, Pragmatism to Secretary’s Position (Education Week), and Education's new boss (Washington Times).

Looking at the new Congress, Eduwonk points out in Miller On NCLB that it doesn’t look like Congressional Democratic education leaders are running away from NCLB just yet. In a PBS interview, Miller is quoted saying: “I think more and more members of Congress are starting to understand that this legislation is in fact starting to get some very positive results, and it's starting to close the gap between majority and minority students, between rich and poor students.” Read the full text here: The Future of No Child Left Behind (PBS NewsHour via Eduwonk)

Simmering on the back burner are Democratic lawmakers’ requests for an investigation into grants given to education groups associated with Republican interests: Request for probe of grants honored (Contra Costs Times).


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