Spellings Bee (School Politics)

It hardly seems worth tea-leafing the nomination of Margaret Spellings as Secretary of Education: President Taps Spellings (Education Week). Besides the apparently not-to-be-missed opportunity for stupid headlines ("Mis-Spellings," etc.), it's not clearly that big a deal. However, those who anticipate Spellings will have a moderating effect on the Bush administration's education policy could well be mistaken. The conservative wing of the Republican party is certainly feeling its oats -- Evolution Foes See Opening To Press Fight in Schools (Boston Globe) -- and, over the USDE, Spellings will be one step further removed from the OEOB and one step further into the bureaucratic bog. Educating George Bush (Boston Globe via the Center on American Progress), compares Spellings to former EPA head Christine Whitman. The real question may be who replaces Spellings as head of the Domestic Policy Council.

In the meantime, let us not forget the four years of service provided by Rod Paige, sumarized in the
Paige Resignation Letter (Rod Paige) and Three cheers for Rod Paige (Gadfly). And, while we're talking about departures, Gregg Leaving Chairmanship of Senate Education Panel (Education Week). Hello, Chairman Enzi.

And, while we're on the subject of Washington personalities, you've gotta love the mess that PA Senator Rick Santorum has gotten himself into. First, it gets reported that his home district in PA has spent $100k online educating Snatorum's kids, who live in DC. Now, Santorum says he will home-school children (philly.com)

Last but not least, two more stories with national implications:

Post-Election Outlook for State Aid to Schools Uncertain (Education Week)
New Rules Cause Head Start Enrollment To Drop (Akron Beacon Journal)


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