Overpriced Wrapping Paper Vs. Funding Schools

"If you find yourself short of overpriced wrapping paper, scented candles, gourmet popcorn or coupon books for discounted meals at restaurants you never frequent, you’re in luck," according to this insightful little NYT opinion piece (Will Work for School Supplies). "Fall is here and with it school fund-raising season, when seemingly every elementary and middle school student from sea to shining sea is sent home from class with a glossy catalog and a complicated order sheet and told to go forth and squeeze money out of their friends, relatives and neighbors."


Anonymous Mindful Teacher said...

I hate those fundraisers too but would those be the same friends, relatives, and neighbors who refused to vote for a bond measure to support the schools last year? The same ones who voted to approve Proposition 13 in Calfifornia to keep their property taxes low and their school funds lower?

As someone whose salary (contract) is paid by the Parents Club at our school, I am incrediably grateful to ANY fund raising efforts my school puts forth. I prefer the ones that let the kids earn money by walking/jogging or spelling well but still, any fundraising effort is appreciated by me!

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