Media Watch: Supposed Home-Schooled "Lonelygirl15" Entrances Media, May Be Faked

It isn't just the Administration that's trying to keep us scared and confused. First, there's all the MySpace fear-mongering in the media. Then there's the embarassing hype and fascination with technology like YouTube and its "stars."

In the post below, Mark Glaser at PBS's MediaShift chronicles the sudden Internet fame of Lonelygirl15, a pretty-faced YouTube star named "Bree" who was purported to be a home-schooled 16 year-old and whose story, such as it was, garnered a tremendous amount of somewhat creepy mainstream media attention (Help Solve the Lonelygirl15 Mystery). Now it turns out -- surprise, surprise -- she may be fake. With whip-saw coverage of youth technology like this, how are we ever supposed to get anywhere?


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