Does Guestblogging Work In The Long Run?

Few people can or want to have their own blog -- especially over a prolonged period of time -- but many have lots to say. Hence, the creation of the extremely useful "guestblogger" designation. It's usually done as a temporary thing, a trial run or a fill-in. But the latest guestblogger setup in the edublogosphere is in theory at least going to be an ongoing thing. It's taking place over at the Education Wonks, where Number 2 Pencil's Kimberly S. has signed on as she shelves her site after four years of excellent work.

I like the idea of an ongoing guest contribution and would hate for the edusphere to lose what little talent it has just because someone doesn't want to blog full time. But I wonder if it works to be an occasional blogger. There's something about blogging that suggests it's an all-in type of thing, or that once you lose the habit it's gone. Or maybe I'm just too close to see that's not the case.


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