The Week Ahead

Check below some of the main education-related events for the week ahead.

Date: Mar. 17, 2006 - Mar. 21, 2006
Name of Event: Legislative/Policy Conference
Sponsor: Council of the Great City Schools

Date: March 20
Name of Event: Is College Still Worth the Cost?
Sponsor: American Enterprise Institute

Date: March 24
Name of Event: Policy Forum: High School Reform

Sponsors: Education Sector & The National Academies

Date: March 24
Name of Event: Women Who Make the World Worse
Sponsor: The Heritage Foundation

Date: March 31
Name of Event: Reconnecting Out-of-School Youth
Sponsor: The American Youth Policy Forum

Let me know if I've missed anything important -- or if you've got something coming up soon that I should know about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might want to check the date for the Heritage Foundation event. I believe that is 1956 not 2006. Why do we still insist on buying into the term "radical feminist"? Too bad it hasn't gone the way of Communist...I know, lets call them "feminist terrorists" and round them all up.

Here is another option for an event:

March 28: "The Challenge of Incorporating Diversity in Teaching about America in the 21st Century Classroom." Given by historian Darlene Clark Hine at the Dusable Museum. Reception at 3:30 Presentation 4:45.

I will send out an invite to Lynne Cheney...she loves multiculturalism.

8:52 AM  

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