What If the City Hall Hiring Scandal Reaches the Board of Education?

A Jodi Wilgoren article in the New York Times gives Jesse Jackson, Jr. a decent chance of toppling Daley Junior -- especially if the Federal investigation into City Hall hiring practices continue to expand. The piece (Corruption Scandal Loosening Mayor Daley's Grip on Chicago) also chides Daley for maintaining the vestigates of the old patronage system -- which are his only real vulnerability -- for so so long.

One of the issues Jackson is raising against Daley Jr. is the mayor's much-vaunted education miracle. Most recently, he's focused on the lack of resources at Harper High School. The real jackpot for Jackson would be -- and that no one seems to have asked or investigated -- if the hiring scandal spread to the Board of Education. An unqualified truck driver is one thing. An unqualified teacher is another.

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Anonymous Big Mo said...

of course, a cynic might say that CPS is guilty of RETAINING too many unqualified teachers--where's the drama in the news of a few more getting HIRED?

4:30 PM  
Blogger Alexander Russo said...

keeping them, hiring them, i don't care -- i just want to know if they (or more likely administrators at the board or elsewhere) are getting in or staying on via their political contacts instead of the normal/official routes. does anyone know?

8:26 PM  

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