Lots of NCLB Commentary, But Little Action (NCLB News)

Lots of Commentary:

It took a while, but last week's contextless coverage of the NEA lawsuit and the backlash from the states about NCLB was followed by some commentary, pro and con, that put the events in political and educational context:

NEA picks wrong fight on Bush education funding USA Today
Some Students Left Behind WSJ
States, not children, left behind
Daily Eastern News
Suit against No Child Left Behind about education, politics
USA Today
NCLB opinions No.2 Pencil
Leave No Blame Behind Chicago Tribune Clarence Page
Spellings Test Washington Post
Race: A taboo word in Utah schools
Rash Actions Not Needed on No Child Left Behind
Pro-kid, pro-teacher
Joanne Jacobs
In the Midst of the All the Howling About Testing Jenny D
Does the NEA
Believe Its Own NCLB Legal Argument? EIA
Critics leave behind no alternative for education reform Baltimore Sun
No Alternative to Learning: Spellings right to crack down on Texas
Dallas Morning News
Spellings should cool the insults Hartford Courant
Don't punish California for setting the bar high
San Jose Mercury News

Little Action:

Some, but not much, action on the lawsuit and the statehouse revolts in CT, TX, and elsewhere:

Failing schools face varied demands Arizona Republic
Horne asks feds to ease academic rules for state AZ Central.com
Sen. Reid Supports Lawsuit Challenging NCLB
Study says Massachusetts not doing enough for struggling schools Boston Globe
Cities Riled by Bush Plan to Weigh School Progress

Union, States Wage Frontal Attack on NCLB
Maine could join NCLB lawsuit
The Boston Globe
New Mexico won't join lawsuit suing feds over No Child
Deal on special-ed testing grows near
Education Department Fines Texas for Missing NCLB Transfer Deadline

Late test results prompt TEA fine Houston Chronicle
NCLB faces legal, legislative challenges Education Week

What Next?
Looking towards the future:

Tutoring Aid Is of Concern at Hearing NYT
Forum on ideas to improve SES provisions CEP


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