Reporters and Civilians Talk Back About Education News (Media Coverage)

Comments continue to pour in on my crititique of the Columbia Journalism Review article on the state of education reporting in America. (See "Recent Posts.")

There are about 10 comments from education writers around the country -- and a rebuttal of sorts from the CJR author herself -- all located here. If you want to know how real education writers think about how to report on education, this is a great place to look.

Eduwonk takes the CJR piece to task for wildly over-emphasizing the privatization angle in NCLB.

Over on the Alternative Reform Network listserve, Substance's George Schmidt uses the CJR article as a jumping off point to castigate the Chicago Tribune's coverage of education news, which Schmidt views as even worse than the Houston Chronicle's during the 1990s.

Another series of comments on the Atlanta Journal Constitution site can be found here.


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