Kids and Gadgets, Defending the Cupcake, and Pledging In Spanish (School Life)

Adults Freak Out Over Kids Using Gadgets:

Longtime readers of this section know that I love a good technology story (or even a bad technology story), but who knew that it would be such big news this week that...kids use lots of gadgets?

That certainly was the case, with most of the major papers vying for best headline on the same story: American kids gorging on a diet of media, report finds (Chicago Tribune), Study Shows Ever More Kids Embrace a Plugged-In Lifestyle (Washington Post), Kids' lives 'saturated' by media, study says (Arizona Republic), U.S. students master art of multitasking (Washington Times).

Best of the Rest:

College Expels Student Who Advocated Corporal Punishment NYT
Single teen father juggles parenthood and schoolwork
Washington Post
Schoolyard bullies get nastier online USA Today
Teen driving loses its luster San Francisco Chronicle
Student protests foreign Pledge Baltimore Sun
Parents, kids can have safe spring breaks AZ Central.com
Making learning uncool Spiked, UK
Judge tells teen to do summer homework USAT
Texas defends the cupcake USAT


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