Killing Aliens, Too Many Rap Sheets, Angry Principals, Crack Candy (Chicago IL)

Lawmakers illustrate idiocy of Blago bill on video violence:

Does that mean games that merely blast space creatures are OK? asked Rep. Robert Molaro (D-Chicago).

"Killing an alien wouldn't fall under the bill," said Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia (D-Aurora), the sponsor.

Would that apply to all aliens or only those who "just look like humans?" Molaro then asked.

"If it's an alien that looks like a human, which is an alien, yes," Chapa LaVia responded.

Later, she refined her interpretation this way: "If it was an alien that pretended to be a human, I guess then it's human. Then it would fall under this bill because it's human against human. ... How would we know he was an alien?"

Bill Banning Sale Of Violent Video Games To Minors Passes In Illinois House

Lots on the dire effects of 911 calls on minority youth:

Dta show wide range of suspension rates Catalyst
Schools faulted for calling cops on students CST

Dave Eggars comes to Chicago with an education idea:

826 Chicago via GapersBlock (also in Time Out Chicago)

Principals, teachers, and the people that represent them:

School chiefs see 2% raise as insult Trib
Principal drawn by a calling ST
Race and class in CPS Teach and Learn
Unions in Springfield Teach and Learn
Teacher Residency and Certification Bill before State House Trib

Best of the Rest:

Russian student at an American school Vladivostok News via JJ
Ad Alleges Maine South HS Drug Traffic Chicagoist
Selling services to schools takes a hit Teach and Learn
Virtual PreK Shout-Out Teach and Learn
SIU offers cash to get students out in 4 yrs. CST
Students, staff rejoice as St. Edmund won't close CST
Boy changes his crack story Trib
Schools revise soft-drink plan Trib
6 bullets found in Aurora school Trib
Janitor pleads not guilty to school gun charges Trib
2 grade schools get new principals Trib
Naperville Catholics are adding a school Trib
Good math skills add up to lifelong career Trib
Developer, teachers fund join in venture
First-grader hands out crack cocaine
Elmhurst offers schools cash help

Chicago, the national capitol of community schools:

Proponents of Community Schools Argue for Wider View of Education


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