Get Those Degrees While You Can, and More(Teaching and Leading)

Look out -- teacher training programs are next:

Arthur Levine Calls for Abolition of Ed.D. Degree CHE
Levine vs. the ed schools Gadfly
Study Blasts Leadership Preparation EW
Study Finds Poor Performance by Nation's Education Schools NYT
Colleges do bad job of training principals, study says Sun-Times
The Education Schools Project

You can do it/you are doing it:

Star Teachers 2005
Working Laterally:
How Innovation Networks Make an Education Epidemic PDF
No Choice But Success ASCD
In Their Own Words ASCD

Changing standards:

Raise standards, lower barriers for Md. teachers Baltimore Sun
Bill would drop test to attract teachers The (Raleigh, N.C.)
NCLB could worsen NC teacher shortage The Charlotte Observer (N.C.)

Unions, reform and otherwise:

Chart: Gauging Views on Teachers EW
Elections Give No Easy Fix on Union Course
Schwarzenegger criticizes state unions
CTA proposes $54M fund to fight Gov EIA
Union Employees Protest Schwarzenegger New York Times
Gov. Faces Widening Network of Opposition Los Angeles Times
Governor endorses measures Proposals for budget, teachers pay ... SF Chronicle
The local AEA stands against real progress
AFT Extends Its Reach Into Early-Childhood Teaching Corps EW

Best of the Rest:

Entrepreneur launches pilot program to mint urban teachers DC Examiner
New Recruiting Efforts by Teach for America Yield Record Applicants EW
Urban Reviews Take Close Look at Instruction EW
Seven Surprises for School Leaders EW
School in a Box Teacher Magazine
Needed in class: a few good men Christian Science Monitor
Greener Pastures TM


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