Kicking Out Low Scores Doesn't Really Make Schools Look Better (NCLB News)

One of the most interesting stories about NCLB this week chronicles the many ways in which minority children were left out of the scoring system in Illinois, which only this week released its 2004 scores: Test scores don't count the neediest (Chicago Tribune).

It’s amazing how hard some folks are working to kick out scores that would lower schools’ ratings, but an awfully good way to understand the mentality and behavior that NCLB is trying to modify.

On the same day the Tribune story came out, the state superintendent in Illinois said that he thought NCLB was stigmatizing low-scoring kids. Scary that he would think that the kids, not the schools who weren’t teaching them, would be in danger of that. But he’s not alone in trying to take pressure off the adults: Nearly 80% of Georgia schools file successful AYP appeals (Access North Georgia).

In fact, examples of more constructive use of test data are few and far between, though extremely powerful and seemingly on the rise: Mining the Scores for Nuances in Improvement (Washington Post).

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