IPods for Teachers (School Life)

It’s the week before Christmas, but you wouldn’t really know it from all the interesting pieces, serious and otherwise, that have come out over the past few days.

More than a few folks have been inspired to write riffs on Caitlin Flanagan’s recent piece in the New Yorker about giving over-the-top gifts to teachers: "Opinion: Giving teachers luxe gifts in hopes of good grades could backfire" (Los Angeles Times), New Rules for Teacher Gifts: Apples (but Perhaps No IPods) (NYTimes). For what it’s worth, the writer Flanagan and I taught at the same school in Los Angeles way back when, and as I recall she did receive an awful lot of holiday loot.

There’s news that at least one of the Bush family members takes public education seriously: Jenna Bush Taking Teaching Job (Associated Press). Though of course she’s teaching at a charter school.

Other School Life articles this week:
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