Nine Twelve Washingtonistas On NCLB

Fresh off its "Influentials" success, the Fordham folks have put out an eight-page PDF listing what might happen to various provisions of NCLB (Education Insiders’ Predictions for NCLB). All regular readers of this site, the insiders (all 9 12 of them) mostly seem to agree with me on what's going -- and not going -- to happen.

Who are Fordham's insiders? Edelstein (see below), Hess (AEI), Rotherham (EdSector), Brown (CAP), Mesecar (Edison), Packer (NEA), McLaughlin (AFT), Philps, Traiman (BRT), Little (Alliance), Hunter (AASA), DeSchryver.

Who's not on the list but should have been (beside me)? The most obvious folks include Martin (Kennedy), Cain (Miller), Nock (Aspen), Dannenberg (New America), Jennings (CEP).

UPDATE: Thanks to Eduwonk for pointing out my poor counting skills.


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