Fordham's Follies

More thoughts about Fordham's "Insiders" report: Much as I love her, since when did Michele at AFT become a power player? And that Edison dude -- is he really one of the top folks? Other folks who should have been included (besides Dannenberg and the others I named before): Dianne Piche and Bill Taylor at CCCR, Kati Haycock at the EdTrust, someone from the Department.

UPDATE: AFT Michele says she's not sure she should have been on the list, but thinks I should have. At least until she reads this post. (The Insider).

UPDATE 2: As predicted, Michele didn't like this post very much, but even when she's mad she's funny. Click "Enjoy!" to see her Jib-Jab caricature of me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"that edison guy" was on the House committee staff when NCLB went through and then served for 3 years at the DOE in the Administration. And he works in DC! Insider!

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