Off To The Races With National Standards

Tired already of the 110th Congress and looking for ways to mess up your boss's next two years (like I did with Feinstein and the Clinton health care legislation)? Consider signing him or her up as an original cosponsor of a new voluntary national standards bill. Republican Congressman John Vernon Ehlers (left) is joining the irrepressible Chris Dodd in introducing it on Monday. The 24-page legislation, called The SPEAK Act, amends NAEP and focuses on solely on math and science. It is, like NCLB, nominally voluntary, but could provide as much as $600 million in federal funds that states would be hard-pressed not to apply for. There's a 2:30 event at New America on Monday that will include supporters include New America Foundation and Fordham Foundation, Former Governors Engler & Wise, and the Council of Great City Schools. No sign of the Sector, AEI, CEP, Heritage, or CAP (much less Miller, Kennedy, McKeon, or Enzi). So far, Dodd and Ehlers are the only cosponsors, and the bill language and summary are embargoed, but you've got all weekend to think it over.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's Vernon Ehlers, not John--do your homework, Russo.

6:44 AM  
Blogger Alexander Russo said...

john, vernon -- i thought ALL congressmen besides nancy were named john. but apparently that's just a senate rumor.

i also remembered that it was feinstein who signed herself up for the clinton health care bill, not me. but the result was the same.

6:48 AM  

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