A Coup For New Leaders: Access To Federal Incentive Funding

I'm impressed to find out that New Leaders for New Schools figured out a way to be one of the beneficiaries of a program that's nominally more about teachers than principals. The change gets little notice in this EdWeek story about how many of the applications were rejected. However, under a little-publicized expansion of the TIF program to include principals, New Leaders for New Schools were awarded a grant this morning in DC along with the DC public schools. Impressive work, don't you think?

UPDATE: I'm told that this isn't the first federal money that NLNS has gotten, and that the grant is for $3 Million ($14M over 5 years). It doesn't all go to NL, either, but rather includes a coalition of 75 education organizations (egads). According to the release: "The award will be used to launch the New Leaders incentive initiative, which compensates high performing educators to share effective practices with a broader network of schools - locally in Washington, D.C., and nationally - via a Web-based system. This online system will provide free access for all principals and teachers to leading educational practices on student achievement."

UPDATE 2: Related news -- and a great new word -- from School Of Blog: Schnurrific


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