NEA Scare Tactics

Thanks to a reader for pointing me to this somewhat overheated notice from the NEA, titled Congress Prepares To Raise Teacher Taxes, as if (a) Congress was in session and about to do anything, (b) most teachers claimed the tax deducation. It's not timely, it doesn't meet the straight face test, and it undercuts the NEA's, ahem, legitimacy.

UPDATE: A Chicago-area teacher and local NEA president takes issue with the notion that the NEA is using scare tactics, etc. It's good, heated stuff. Check it out here: A Rare Random Rant.


Anonymous Fred Klonsky said...

Apparently the "overheated notice from the NEA," was echoed by MSN/CNBC which last week thought it was (a) timely, (b) met the straight face test, and (c) had legitimacy as a news story.


What evidence do you or your reader have that "most teachers" don't claim the $250 deduction. As president of the 360 member Park Ridge local of the IEA/NEA, I can tell you it was a concern to many of our members.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Alexander Russo said...

i should know better than to argue with a klonsky, and i don't have the numbers to confirm or deny the claim that most teachers don't use the deducation (do you?), but congress is not about to do anything, and even if they did eliminate the deducation it would not be "raising teacher taxes." a week before an election, i know most everything goes, but...not that one. not for me, at least.

11:40 AM  

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