Morning Round-Up -- October 18 2006

Today's biggest education stories:

States Get Tough on Programs to Prepare Principals EdWeek
State policymakers in Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee have moved in recent months to require graduate programs in educational leadership to meet new standards. Iowa and Louisiana already have done so, prompting a few programs to go off-line.

Brownie the Cow Has Some Parents Alleging an Unfair Test NYT
Parents said an essay involving the analysis of a fictional cow's behavior highlights a broader concern that New York City is misusing standardized exams.

Texas Ramps Up Math and Science Requirements NPR
Texas is about to become one of the first states to require students to take four years of math and science. Supporters say it will ensure that students are ready for jobs or college. But some educators fear that, if not done right, the additional work could push some students to drop out.


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