Predictably Awkward Voucher Presss Conference For Secty Spellings Gets Even Worse

Here's the first of what is likely to be a passel of Tuesday stories about the new Republican voucher proposal Republicans unveil $100 million school voucher plan CNN) -- and the "awkward" coincidence regarding last week's public/private school study that I think I may actually have been the first to anticipate (here and here if you want to verify and/or credit). But who could have predicted that Spellings would make it worse by saying she didn't know about the NCES study? Now that, no one could have guessed.

Note to the good folks at the USDE and on the Hill: (1) Read my blog (even on weekends), it will save you some embarassment if by some stretch of the imagination you haven't figured it out on your own already; (2) Don't let your boss say she didn't know something she should have known, it reminds us of too many other government officials who've claimed to have been "out of the loop"; and (3) you can always cancel or reschedule.


Blogger The Rain said...

That's....wow. The report was mentioned on nearly every blog that matters (including yours!), and wasn't it in the NY Times as well?

You'd think that with as many people as they have working for the DoE someone, anyone would have figured this out.

10:11 AM  

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