Vouchers For Everbyody -- Including Spellings

As previously noted, tomorrow is Secty Spellings' chance to answer some questions about the public/private school study and indicate the Administration's position on scholarships and/or vouchers.

The scholarship program being introduced is intended to "provide children in under-performing schools with more choices and opportunities to improve their educational experience." Competitive grants to states, LEAs, or nonprofits. McKeon is supposed to be there from the House side, but no Frist Enzi (Alexander and Ensign instead).

For what it's worth, Spellings herself hasn't been known as much of a vouchers person. Until recently, she wasn't even known as being much of a fan of choice. However, with campaigns heating up and NCLB threatening to turn into a bowl of mush, no doubt she's under some pressure to help out a little. A dollar for anyone who asks her about the Zidane head-butt.


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