The Christian Science Monitor's Disappearing Education Coverage

Back in the day, the CSM used to put out excellent education stories -- not breaking news, but in-depth, quality stuff. Now, it's all fun and fluff (Yoga, hip-hop ... this is P.E.?). Did they lose a reporter, or cut back or change coverage intentionally? I know that most readers don't want NCLB stories 24/7 and that there's a natural lull now and then, but CSM just seems to have given up.


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Ouch. It’s true that, like many newspapers, the Monitor is adjusting to staff cutbacks – most notably in the past two years. But we are still committed to wide-ranging, in-depth reporting on education issues, a national beat in which the Monitor has had a pioneering role and significant success over the years. We haven't given up. Education is part of our heritage. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the occasional lighter piece – who can’t relate to P.E.?– but we’ve had many other, more substantial pieces as well in the past few months. Our 2005 series on student populations overlooked by the “No Child Left Behind” initiative was honored by the Casey Journalism Center on Children and Families, and we’re in the midst of an ongoing series on schools and programs that are effectively closing achievement gaps. Take a look:
And keep the faith! Watch for our update later this month on how New Orleans is trying to put its school system back together.If you have comments or suggestions, please get in touch here or via our website: www.csmonitor.com
-- Owen Thomas, Features Editor, The Christian Science Monitor.

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