Civil Rights Groups Put To Shame On NCLB Choice

Over at edspresso, Ryan B says that the sudden- seeming USDE action on choice (see below) might actually be the result of the Alliance's administrative action in LA and Compton.

Whatever the specific motivation -- or the ultimate result -- how downright embarassed the education and especially the civil rights community, as well as the Dems, should be that just two groups -- the Alliance and the Citizens' Commission -- have presented anything close to a steady drumbeat of interest in the NCLB choice issue.

UPDATE: Over at The Chalkboard, Joe Williams points out what strange bedfellows these two groups make, and praises Spellings for taking action on the choice issue.


Anonymous KIlroy Was Here said...

I live in Wilmington , Delaware which has a strong connection to Brown Vs The board of Education 1954. The heart and soul of NCLB aka ESEA runs deep into Civil Rights issues. Title 1 the center peice of NCLB was a result of the efforts of Wilmington's William Hick Anderson.

Even in Wilmington Delaware the NAACP shows no interest in NCLB.
NCLB requires 20% of Title 1 Funding to be set aside for supplemtnal services for students in failing schools and parents are unaware of these funds.

I am afriad to say the torch Hicks Anderson lit and the civil rights movement in Wilmington burns at an all time low. As Delaware moves towards charter school main minorities a being left behind in traditional public schools.

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