NSBA Not Worried Re N-Size Review

The only really notable thing in Edweek's recap of the AYP loophole story is the second to last graf where NSBA's Reginald M. Felton says "he welcomed the scrutiny and believes that federal officials will find states’ N-size limits are, for the most part, appropriate (Ed. Dept. to Weigh NCLB Subgroup Issues)."

Wow. That's pretty confident. I wonder how his bosses and members are going to feel about that if and when the USDE starts looking hard at n-sizes and confidence intervals. Not that the USDE has promised to do very much (An Underwhelming Response).


Anonymous Jives said...

There should be a nationally mandated standardized test to determine which group students belong in.

Then we'll know how to report their scores for their nationally mandated standardized test.

12:43 PM  

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