Everybody On The Blogging Bandwagon

Last night at the Widmeyer shindig that kicked off the EWA conference, I predicted that there would be four more newspaper-based education blogs by the end of the year (not counting the Miami Herald or the LA Times' recent entries). But it turns out I may be way too low.

It's only a couple of hours into the morning sessions and I've already talked to two folks -- one a beat reporter, the other a DC-based lobbying/government relations firm -- about their plans to start new education blogs. It's a bandwagon, folks. Everybody get on.

Pretty soon, it seems, anybody who's doing just print, or a weekly or monthly newsletter, or -- god forbid -- a static web page is going to be playing catch up. For firms and advocates, it's a great way to get the word out. For reporters and papers, it's a fun and easy way to get things out that wouldn't otherwise make it into print. My new prediction? Ten more newspaper blogs by the end of the year.


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