Hot For Teacher

I've got three things to say about the whole sexy teacher/pedophelia meme that's been going around: First, as I've said before, female teachers aren't seducing boys more often, or getting lighter sentences than men. Don't believe the hype. Second, the best examination of the sex-with-teacher issue is Classroom confidential from Salon. (Click on the ad to read the full story.) Third, if you want to see the video that Tennessee teacher Pam Rogers allegedly sent to her underage lover after she'd been told not to contact him anymore -- with some classic Van Halen -- click here. NSFW.

UPDATE: Don't wag your finger in my direction, Michele. I popularized this genre back when no one else even knew how to upload pictures to their blogs (ie, last summer) with hot pics of education studmuffins Tim Knowles and Pedro Noguera, and others.


Blogger no a los cerebritos lavados said...

today with all the stuff about the equality between men and women... is the same thing a man teacher having sex with a student and a woman teacher having sex with a student

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