Just What Education Needs: Its Own Version Of "The Smoking Gun"

For almost a decade now, The Smoking Gun has dug up embarassing documents, photos, and transcripts about public officials and celebrities and posted them online before the rest of the press.

Now, Peyton Walcott has taken somewhat the same approach and applied it to education -- filling her site with scandalous tax returns, court filings, pictures of educators' mansions, and the like (Via Edspresso and EducationNews).

The latest posts cover a suspicious-seeming technology vendor in Katy ISD Texas and news about some superintendents who live outside the districts (or states) where they work. She names names, gives addresses. It's intense -- I like it. Just what education needs.


Anonymous teachergrrl said...

The link isn't working! How can I read Peyton?

8:49 PM  
Blogger Alexander Russo said...

sorry about that -- now it's fixed

9:06 PM  
Anonymous teachergrrl said...

Thank you, link is dandy now. I approve of the take-no-prisoners approach!
Someday I'll work up the energy to share my two cents on the ridiculous saga of tutoring "vendors" at my school....

3:34 PM  

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