Democrats Need Better Education Ideas -- Badly

Not suprisingly, Andy Rotherham again plays apologist for his brethren Democratic think tankers over at the Hamilton Project --without really considering the merits of the constructive criticism that's coming their way or acknowledging (until the very last) that he's essentially defending his own work.


He's "not sure it's fair to ding the Hamiltonians for taking on ideas that are not "new" per se. Ideas need hosts and it's not as though these ideas are yet in wide circulation, especially in Democratic circles, now," says Rotherham. "Besides, shouldn't all ideas be welcomed right now anyway? Not like we've got the political or substantive problems licked!"

Let me get this right: Ideas need homes. Putting out old ideas as new is fine, as long as they're new to someone. All ideas are welcome, even bad or politically impracticable ones. Wow. We're supposed to get the education issue back with this? Funders are OK with paying for this?


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