Today's Clips March 30 2006

AYP for Science, Swiss Cheese out of NCLB, Online Everywhere, Smart Brains, and more.


Bush working on plan to boosts science scores AP
President Bush, quietly floating a plan with big implications, wants schools to face consequences for falling short in science, just as they do in reading and math.

Cleveland schools struggle with "No Child" law's rules The Plain Dealer
Test scores in math and reading rose under the No Child Left Behind law in Cleveland and in districts nationwide, according to a new study, but there was a price.

Scans Show Different Growth for Intelligent Brains NYT
The brains of highly intelligent children develop in a different pattern from those with more average abilities, researchers say.

Will Charter Organizing Lead to Labor War in California?
EIA via JimmyK The plans of the California Teachers Association (CTA) to organize charter school employees are no secret to readers of the EIA Communique.

States making Swiss cheese out of NCLB The Gadfly
As Fordham’s Mike Petrilli explains in a recent Bloomberg article, many states are playing games with the federal law’s accountability system in order to make schools look better than they really are. Read the article here, and see a table of the number of schools making AYP (by state) here.

Online courses aren't just for home-schoolers anymore CSM
Small schools use them to broaden class offerings; Michigan aims to mandate them.


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