Spellings Replacement Arrested

Claude Allen, who handled domestic policy including education at the DPC after Spellings moved to the USDE, himself left a few months ago (Claude Allen, We Hardly Knew You). Now it's out that he did so under a big retail fraud cloud: For Ex-Aide to Bush, an Arrest Is a Puzzling Turn (NYT).

Apparently, Allen is the black conservative version of Winona Ryder. And the folks over at TMPCafe are already having a field day with it: "Allen resigned his $161,000-a-year job in the Bush White House last month, saying he wanted to spend more time shoplifting with his family. Among his other duties Allen led the White House's response to Hurricane Katrina, but his primary responsibility was letting the president be seen in public with a black person who wasn't Condoleeza Rice."


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