Morning Papers March 29 2006

Falling behind, rigging tests, taking over schools, and more.


States Have More Schools Falling Behind Washington Post
More than a quarter of U.S. schools are failing under terms of President Bush’s No Child Left Behind law, according to preliminary state-by-state statistics reported to the U.S. Department of Education.

U.S. may look into reports of Camden test irregularities
Philadelphia Inquirer
The U.S. Department of Education may review allegations of test rigging at a Camden high school and unusually high scores at two elementary schools, a federal official said last night.

11 Troubled Baltimore Schools Facing Takeover Washington Post
The Maryland State Board of Education will be presented with a plan today to turn over 11 low-achieving Baltimore middle and high schools to independent management, according to city school officials, who said they were briefed about the proposal yesterday.

Drug woes growing in city's grade schools Philadelphia Enquirer
Four bags of marijuana tumbled out when a 10-year-old took off his hat, and two more fell as he entered his classroom. Three fifth graders took turns holding a bag containing a half ounce of marijuana, and the student who brought the drug to school had $920 in his pocket.


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