Bad Week For Testing Companies

There were at least two major testing company flubs this week, one national and the other in Illinois.

The first, involving SAT scores, raises New Qualms About Testing (NYT). According to the Times, "These were not the first major scoring problems that Pearson has experienced." These include a 2002 problem with Minnesota tests, as well as others in Washington and Virginia. Pearson recently took over some testing functions from ETS.

As a result, Google News shows 281 news stories related to testing and schools.

The second, involving not the scoring but the delivery of Illinois state tests too late for them to be taken as scheduled next week, led state supt. Randy Dunn to announce his desire to fire the company, Harcourt, that has the Illinois contract. State schools chief may fire ISATs test provider


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Check out:

"Truth in Testing Act of 1979"
"The Educational Testing Act of 1979"

H.R. 3564
H.R. 4949

Ninety-Sixth Congress

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