Washington's Newest Education Group Reveals Itself With New Report

Ever wondered just what the Education Sector -- Washington's newest education organization -- was up to? (I have.) Well, now you can find out.


They're having a launch party (well, event) at the National Press Club at the end of the month (January 31 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM ) during which they're going to roll out a big new report about testing and the testing industry and feed early birds a little bit of breakfast.

The gist of the report? Testing's not bad, but its rushed and ragged aspects are creating problems for the standards effort. Challenges include "the scale of the NCLB testing requirements, competitive pressures in the testing industry, a shortage of testing experts, insufficient state resources, tight regulatory deadlines, and a lack of meaningful oversight of the sprawling NCLB testing enterprise," according to a release.

Media inquiries contact Molly Chapman Norton (mnorton@educationsector.org). All other inquiries contact Renée Rybak (rrybak@educationsector.org).


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