Chicago Roundup: Banning Milk, Dropping Test Scores, Violence at Wells High School, and CCT News

Magnet school applicants face new hurdles Sun Times
Getting in to magnet schools Sun Times
State makes draw on what is `junk' for pupils' diet Tribune
State school board may ban whole milk, allow chips Sun-Times
State tests show drop at the top Sun Times
Rise in violence at Wells High Chicago Journal
Community Trust nears $1 billion markTribune
KIPP Folds, Another Blow to Renaissance 2010 Small Talk
What Is TFA's Problem? Teaching In The 408

UPDATE: Oprah Takes On Education. According to her website (via EducationNews.org), Oprah producers are looking for parents, teachers, and students dissatisfied with the public schools for an upcoming show. Apply to be on the show here: Grade your school. Is it first-rate or failing?


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