Paraprofessional Aides: Teaching's Underclass

There are two different takes out this week on what's going to happen this spring in re: the HQ para requirement in NCLB. Over at the Post, the mood is ominous: Deadline Looms for School Aides. EdWeek is more upbeat: States, Districts Express Optimism in Meeting NCLB Deadline on Aides.

Not surprisingly, paras -- underpaid, uncertified aides, many of them minorities -- were left out of the sweetheart deal that gave states and teachers an extra year to become highly qualified. (USDE Back Off -- Further -- on HQT).

In the meantime, Recruiting New Teachers has a report out giving a broader overview of the whole para issue: Beyond Compliance: Preparing Highly Qualified Paras (PDF via PEN). According to the RNT report, there are roughly 750K paras nationwide, making on average $14,000 a year.

I haven't seen a classroom aide in a long time, except in preschool settings. Are there any out there left? They used to be how lots of schools spent their Title I funds, ans I thought Mary Jean LeTendre and NCLB put an end to them.


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