School Life: Shady Snowmen, Email Time Capsules, Banning Blogs, and Harry Potter

What's up with that snowman T-shirt? CNN
Another week, another T-shirt controversy.

Rosa Parks’ Death Onion
"Now can finally leave civil rights behind us."

Rowdy Children in Coffee Shops NYT
Store owners ask parents for some quiet and peace.

Email Time Capsule Forbes
Send a message to yourself in the future.

Taser to offer stun gun cameras CNN
Just in case you ever need to electrocute a child.

Moan Tones Are So Last Year Wired

Scented ring tones are on their way.

Educators take serious look at video gaming eSN
The Holy Grail for some educators -- learning as video game.
ALSO: What video games can teach us Harvard Ed Letter via PEN

Parents seek end to blogs at school Anchorage Daily News
High-tech party planning during school -- what's wrong with that?
ALSO: The blogosphere goes blank for N.J. students Inquirer

No Wizard Left Behind Education Week
Art Levine on what NCLB can learn from Harry Potter.

Gen Y workers Joanne Jacobs
The near-universal complaint of veteran teachers about newbies.

Books for boys Joanne Jacobs
Potty humor, scary monsters, and more.

Analyze This
How literary analysis eclipses time spent actually reading.


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