School Life: "Horton Hears a Who" Meets "The Tell-Tale Heart"

What happens when you mix Edgar Allan Poe with Dr. Seuss: Poe/Seuss mashup Boing Boing

My how things have changed:
Technical virginity becomes part of teen equation USAT
A Pride of Princesses at the Door NYT

Fun stuff:
One In Five Women Training As Yoga Instructors Onion
Model railroader's model slums Boing Boing
New Pixar Movie Totally Fucks With Kid's Minds Onion
Top 100 toys of the 70s and 80s Boing Boing
Economics: A "piece of cake" Ph.D. Constrained Vision

Technology corner:
IPods Fast Becoming New Teacher's Pet WashPost
Computers in classrooms: 'A new way to not pay attention' AJC
Everything you always wanted to know about nanotech Salon.com
Dance Dance Revolution for pocket-calculators Boing Boing

I recommend "Alexander" or any of its variants except "Al":
Expectant Parents Believe Name Holds the Key (NYT)


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