What Was Vallas Thinking? (Chicago IL)

Partnership schools starting over.
The jig was supposed to be up after this second year (one under Lynch, the other under Stewart), but Stewart seems to have won a reprieve for them: Plan sees Fresh Start for 10 schools Chicago Sun-Times, Schools, teachers union to let 10 sites start anew Tribune.

While we're on the subject of special-category schools:
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Softer standards, fewer summer school kids?

Record few must attend summer school Southtown

Record few students here must attend summer school CST

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Softer standards, II

Special ed quote criticized Tribune
Limited-English schoolkids get a break on testing CST
Reading test may get easier to pass Trib

What was Vallas thinking?
It was an amazingly ill-considered and brief waste of whatever remaining political capital he has left. First, Vallas and his brother float that he might in some sort of reverse carpetbagging play come back for another try at the Governor's mansion (His eye on politics, Vallas files for Illinoisresidency PhilInq, Where does Vallas live Southtown). Not that the current Gov. doesn't deserve some opposition. But then it's all over in an instant: Vallas says he won't challenge governor Tribune.

Best of the Rest

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